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The kit you never knew you needed!

This is a MUST have for any candle lover, and comes with everything you need to help extend the burn life of your favorite home fragrances!

Our Candle care kits include: 

1x Snuffer

1x Wick Trimmer

1x Jar of 50ct Wooden Matches

all placed within a sustainably sourced Drawstring Muslin bag!


You can customize your set by choosing your tools in either Gold Or Black. Matches are available in pure White, or Cedar brown with White tips. 

Candle Care Kit

  • Use our Safety Matches to light your candle for it's first use! Instead of blowing it out, simply place the Bell end of the Snuffer over the flame, careful to keep it out of the melted wax. After a few moments, the flame will extinguish due to the lack of oxygen. Before next use, be sure to trim 1/4" off your wick for clean burning and even melt pool! This helps you get the optimum amount of burn time from your candles! 

    **Recommended burn time for candles is between 3-4 hours.

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