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Snuffer's are a fantastic addition to any Candle lover's collection! 


Popular Question - Why can't I just blow out my candle flame? Why do I need a tool?


1. When you blow out your candle flame, this creates extra smoke in the air which can be harmful.

2. Smoke gets onto the candle wick which can alter the scent upon relighting

3.  Blowing on to the candle can shift the hot wax inside the container, which can create tunneling/uneven burning. 


In simpler terms- It's not great for your health and prevents your candle from burning as long! 


Snuffer's are super simple to use and work on most candles! (depending on container mouth size). 


Availabe in colors Black & Gold. 


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Candle Snuffers

  • 1. Grasp your snuffer by the base of the handle

    2. Lift the bell up and over the flame, careful not drop into the melted wax.

    3. After a few moments without oxygen, the flame should go out easily. 

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