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Our Reed Diffusers are here! 


These stunning 7oz square bottles are a beautiful addition to any room and come with (10) 10" Reeds for creating your custom output of scent into your living space! All made with natural reeds and Phthalate Free Fragrance Oils. 


If you end up loving your new home fragrance, we also sell Diffuser bottle refills and Extra Reeds!

Natural Reed Diffusers

  • Once your recieve your diffuser: 

    1. Set bottle on a level surface where risk of being knocked over is low. 

    2. Unscrew the gold cap and set to the side. 

    3. Remove the clear plug inside the lid of the bottle (This is used to prevent spilling during shipping)

    4. Replace and screw the gold lid back on. 

    5. Insert Reeds. Recommended number is anywhere between 6-8 Reeds at one time. The more Reeds you insert, the more fragrance distribution (Ex: Use 8-9 for a large open living space). Please take note, the more Reeds you use, the faster the liquid will be used up. 

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