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Ready to Refill that favorite Diffuser fragrance? We've got you covered!


Our Diffuser refills come with a 7oz bottle (made of recycled plastic), carefully crafted with Diffuser base and Natural fragrance oils. We include a paper funnel to make refilling easy, as well as a NEW set of 10 Reeds to enjoy your refill appropriately! 


IMPORTANT: This does NOT include a glass Diffuser bottle. This listing is only for those who have a diffuser bottle at home already- whether its one of ours or from another source. The only thing you will recieve is whats listed above. 


Fragrances Available Currently: 


- Under the Apple Tree

- Front Porch Lemonade

- Fresh Squeezed Juice

- Sweet Honeysuckle

- Christmas Tree Farm

- Coastal Breeze


- Berry Patch (Rasberry)

- Sun-Kissed Peach

- Orchard Pear 


Please Note: It is recommended that if you have previously purchased a diffuser/fragrance from us, that you stick to that same oil with this refill. Fragrance tends to stick to the vessel and unless cleaned efficiently, will not mix well if a new scent is introduced. (ie. Originally purchasing "Christmas Tree Farm" and trying to refill with "Under the Apple Tree")


Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns! We can be reached by emailing us at

Reed Diffuser Refill (Oil only)

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