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Our beloved core scents are now available in 100% pure soy wax melts!


Wax melts are a safe, easy alternative to burning traditional candles and avoiding piles of empty jars! Our wax melts are made from sustainably sourced soybeans, good for the environment and safe for your home and loved ones. Packed securely in Recycled plastic clamshells, each pack contains 6 cubes.


Simply break off a single cube, place into your wax melter and enjoy your favorite scent for several hours.


Choose from any of the following scents:


Under the Apple Tree

Clawfoot tub

Rain on a Tin Roof

Christmas Tree Farm

Country Wildflowers

Fresh Cut Herbs

Rugged Cowboy

Roy’s Garden

Rise n’ Shine

Fresh Squeezed Juice

Front Porch Lemonade

Tack Room


Sweet Honeysuckle

Sun-Dried Linen

Coastal Breeze

Afternoon Tea

Sweet Green Pasture


Meyer Lemon

Berry Patch

Orchard Pear

Apricot Grove

Sun-Kissed Peach


Place scent choice(s) in the given space during ordering.


Not sure what to pick? Visit our individual scent listings for descriptions, or send us an email at!

Pure Soy Wax Melts

PriceFrom $6.00
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