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Whether your driving down your own country dirt road to the farmhouse of your dreams, or driving to your city job on a busy monday morning, you now have the ability to bring your favorite Barnworks scent with you on the go!


Car diffusers are offered in TWO functional styles -

Hanging (ideally for rear view mirror) & Vent Clips (Horizontal Vent Slats)


Hanging Diffusers are available in either Round or Square Bottles


Vent Clip Diffusers are available in a Geometric/Diamond shape  & Cylindrical/Round shape. 


All bottles measure around 1.5" x 2" (to top of lid, not stick)  and include fragrance oil upon delivery.  Diffusers are made to last for 4-6 weeks or longer depending on the style chosen.

Car Diffusers

  • Hanging- Remove Diffuser from shipping/delivery packaging. Unscrew Diffuser lid, keeping bottle upright. Once lid is removed, take out the clear plastic stopper from the neck of the bottle. Then replace the Diffuser bottle top and tie strings together around the neck of the Rear View Mirror so that it hangs. Please make sure Diffuser hangs upright, oil will dispurse through the lid of the bottle and may leak if not in the correct position. 


    Vent Clip - Remove Diffuser from shipping/delivery packaging. Keeping the bottle upright, unscrew the Diffuser top and set it aside. Once lid is removed, take out the clear plastic stopper from the neck of the bottle. Then screw the Diffuser bottle top back on. The diffuser should go in this order --> Bottle, vent clip ring around neck of bottle, Diffuser bottle top, then insert Diffuser stick into hole. 

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