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Unique, eclectic and fun! With a lovely army/olive green tone and distinctive shape, this vessel is sure to turn some heads!


This container will hold approximately 7oz of wax and scent is fully customizable from the list below. 


Under the Apple Tree

Clawfoot tub

Rain on a Tin Roof

Christmas Tree Farm

Country Wildflowers

Fresh Cut Herbs

Rugged Cowboy

Roy’s Garden

Rise n’ Shine

Fresh Squeezed Juice

Sweet Green Pasture

Front Porch Lemonade

Tack Room


Sweet Honeysuckle

Sun-Dried Linen

Coastal Breeze

Afternoon Tea


Meyer Lemon

Berry Patch

Orchard Pear

Apricot Grove

Sun-Kissed Peach

Green Geometric Vessel

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